Charlotte Alexandra, founder & CEO of Eleven11 Media Networks

is a business mentor, empowerment  coach & serial entrepreneur with a passion for Media.

She is on a mission to help You unlock your fullest potential!

Helping people around the globe expand, grow, connect and to build a business they are proud of,

a life they love and a mindset that will take them places.


After kickstarting her career in Marketing + Advertising following a journalism & communications degree, she decided to launch

 Eleven11 Media Networks 

Creating a platform for likeminded creatives to collaborate on spreading a positive message through media.


Her work as both an entrepreneur and a media coach has provided her with an international network of inspirational and influential associates ranging from entrepreneurs, business leaders, public speakers & celebrities - uniting and combining their talents to make to world a better place.


" I have assembled some of the worlds leading media professionals & business leaders to unite through
The Eleven11 Media platform to ensure you can access the right strategies & guidance to help you on your road to success.

Our amazing team have various areas of expertise, ranging from business coaching- branding & marketing, video productions and much more!"

 Charlotte Alexandra


This is how we help :

Defining Brand Identity  & video content   

Social Media Strategies 

Marketing + Advertising Communications

Community Building

Revenue Scaling

Connections + Collaborations

Events & Seminars 

Personal Development  ( business, presentation & social interaction coaching)

Empowerment -Core coaching

Podcast, Book + Project Launches

Branding and Logo Development 

Website Development 



Business & Media Coaching

Becoming an entrepreneur is never easy and at times it can feel a bit like a bumpy road, there will always be obstacles to face and challenges to overcome. However,  together we can pass through the hurdles and get your business projects on the right track.


Public Speaking

For some people it can be very overwhelming  when all the focus is on them,

however, being in the spotlights is where you get to shine your own light = your passions and share your unique talents to the world.

Together with our team we will teach you media techniques, and presentation skills so that you can build your confidence to step on the stage.




Social Interaction Coaching

its important to surround yourself with positive, like minded people that support your dreams and help you grow.

By working on your social skills we help you expand your circle of contacts and have the social life you deserve.

Whether you are looking for the relationship of your dreams, inspirational business contacts or an amazing group of friends. By working on becoming the best version of yourself you will also attract the right people to come into your life.